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Aqua Schwarz GmbH

With the experience of more than 50 years,
we design, manufacture & install
custom-made aquatic small & large-scale
research systems for Zebrafish, Medaka,
Xenopus spp. & many different kinds
of aquatic animals - worldwide

High-quality aquatic research technology

Our experience of more than 50 years helps us to develop, manufacture and provide support for custom-made research facilities for keeping and breeding Zebrafish (Danio rerio), Medaka (Oryzias latipes), Xenopus spp., Axolotl, and for many other kinds of aquatic animals...

Regardless of whether it is a small
or a large project:
the systems are always planned individual and customer specific.
And in addition, they can be adapted to almost all on-site conditions, if required.


Safety and well-being of your research animals
are our highest priorities.

A fully automated control and security
system guards your facility in detail to
ensure constant conditions and water
quality - even in case of power failures.
Additionally, it is possible to install
water treatment, measuring and control


Satisfied customers - worldwide

We do worldwide deliveries,
installations, commissionings,
and maintenances.

For more information about our worldwide installations, please see our references...

All our services are carried out with
our in-house, well-trained, and
experienced service technicians.

We were funded as a project by the European Union:

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